High-quality lecture films may be created at a low cost – especially when done in quantity – for MOOCs, remote learning, teacher training, and catch-up courses for missing students. Working together with lecturers to help them convey their subject in a way that works effectively on film is always worthwhile.

Students may be viewing information from many locations across the world. As a result, immersive and engaging choices should be considered to keep them interested. It’s also crucial to figure out where subtitles are needed and where cultural references need to be changed for optimum comprehension.

Video may be a very effective student recruiting tool since it allows you to showcase your campus, introduce your personnel, and provide compelling testimonials from current students. These videos must be created with a distribution plan in mind: information that does well at educational events may need to be modified to perform well on social media.

Alumni are your most powerful brand ambassadors, giving genuine word-of-mouth support and, in certain cases, financial endowments. Alumni, on the other hand, are frequently disregarded by their universities. Video is a fantastic method to keep them informed about school events and engage their help in campaigns.